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Napkin is a tool for collecting and organizing ideas, designed to help users quickly capture and organize their thoughts. The tool offers a range of features that allow users to create and customize visual notes, collaborate with others, and share their ideas with the world.

Napkin AI - The doc editor that gives you visual superpowers

Here are some key features of Napkin:

  1. Visual Notes: Napkin allows users to create visual notes using a range of tools, including shapes, arrows, and text boxes. Users can also customize the colour and style of their notes, making it easy to organize and categorize their ideas.
  2. Organization: Napkin allows users to organize their visual notes into collections and folders, making it easy to find and manage their ideas. Users can also tag their notes for easy searching and filtering.
  3. Collaboration: Napkin offers collaboration features that allow users to share their visual notes with team members and collaborate in real time. Users can also assign tasks and track progress within the tool.
  4. Sharing: Napkin allows users to share their visual notes with others, either publicly or privately. Users can also embed their notes on websites or blogs, making it easy to share their ideas with a wider audience.

So how does Napkin work? Napkin allows users to quickly capture their ideas using visual notes, which can be organized and customized to suit their needs. The tool also offers collaboration features, allowing users to share their ideas with others and collaborate in real time. A napkin is a powerful tool for anyone looking to organize their thoughts and ideas in a visual, easy-to-use format.


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