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ModelOp is a technology company specialising in AI and machine learning model management. They have developed a platform called the ModelOp Center, which aims to streamline the governance, management, and monitoring of deployed AI and machine learning models.

Key Features:

  • Automated governance and management of AI and ML models
  • Ensures reliable, compliant and scalable AI initiatives
  • Supports deployment of models across platforms and teams

ModelOps for Scaling and Governing AI initiatives

How it Works:

The ModelOp Center is designed to automate the governance and management of AI and machine learning models, making it easier for organizations to ensure that their AI initiatives are reliable, compliant and scalable. The platform integrates with existing AI and machine learning development tools and processes, providing a centralized hub for all AI and ML models and their associated metadata. This allows organizations to manage their models more effectively, ensuring they comply with regulatory requirements, secure, and perform optimally.

MLOps And ModelOps: What's The Difference And Why It Matters

With the ModelOp Center, businesses can focus on developing and deploying new AI and machine learning models while also ensuring that they are maintained to the highest standards, providing confidence in the results generated by their AI initiatives.

ModelOps Is The Key To Enterprise AI

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