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Soundraw AI

Soundraw AI is a music production tool driven by AI that makes royalty-free music in a range of genres. It is intended for musicians, filmmakers, game developers, and anyone else who needs high-quality, creative music.

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Key features

  1. AI-generated music with a wide range of themes
  2. Composition of music in real-time
  3. Settings that can be customised for more control
  4. Several export formats are supported.
  5. The interface that is simple to use

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 how it works:

Soundraw AI generates music in real-time depending on the user's input and tastes using powerful AI algorithms. The user specifies the desired topic and style, and the AI algorithms create a one-of-a-kind piece of music that fulfils the user's requirements. The app's user-friendly UI allows users to easily modify their music with a variety of settings and features. Users may easily integrate AI-generated music into their existing projects and workflows thanks to support for several output formats. Soundraw AI is an efficient and unique method for creating high-quality, original music, whether for personal or professional use.


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