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Teachable Machine

Teachable Machine is an AI tool that enables non-programmers to train and construct machine learning models. It employs a straightforward, user-friendly interface to aid users in building bespoke models for picture and audio classification tasks.


Key features:

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Image and sound categorization
  3. Customized model education
  4. No coding necessary
  5. Integrated examples and tutorials

Creating Image Dataset using Google Teachable Machine | GeeksforGeeks -  YouTube

How It Works:

Teachable Machine allows users to train custom machine learning models via a drag-and-drop user interface. Users upload data for the model to learn from, and then utilise the tool to train and optimise the model. Teachable Machine employs transfer learning, which enables it to use pre-trained models as a starting point and enhance them using the user's input. The instrument then generates a model that may be applied to image or audio classification applications. The built-in examples and tutorials aid users in getting up and running quickly and learning how to utilise the tool efficiently. Teachable Machine's user-friendly interface makes it feasible for anyone without coding skills to create unique AI models.


Google launches Teachable Machine to give humans lessons in AI | Data |  Campaign Asia

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