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EmailTriage is an AI-powered email management application that assists users in automatically sorting, prioritising, and responding to their email inboxes. It employs machine learning algorithms to comprehend email content and classify messages according to their value and relevance.


Key features:

  1. Automatic email categorization and prioritising
  2. Personalized email responses generated using natural language
  3. Integration with prevalent email providers
  4. Detection of spam and phishing attempts
  5. Adaptable rule-based filters
  6. Advanced reporting and analytics

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how it works

EmailTriage analyses the content of incoming emails, including the subject line, sender, and body text, using machine learning techniques. Based on this data, the programme automatically classifies and priorities e-mails, allowing users to prioritise the most critical communications first. In addition, the programme can leverage natural language generation to generate customised solutions to frequent questions, saving users time and effort. EmailTriage may also interact with various email clients and offers spam and phishing detection, rule-based filters, advanced analytics, and reporting.reporting.reporting.reporting.

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