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Charisma AI

Charisma AI is a technology that improves the communication skills of individuals and corporations via the use of artificial intelligence. It analyses speech patterns and delivers feedback on topics such as tone, pace, and word choice to assist users in becoming better communicators.


Key features:

  1. Advanced AI algorithms are used by Charisma AI to evaluate speech patterns and provide feedback on aspects such as tone, pace, and word choice.
  2. The tool provides tailored coaching based on the user's particular requirements and objectives.
  3. Users can monitor their progress over time to determine how they are improving.
  4. Charisma AI is compatible with a range of devices, including mobile phones and PCs.

Charisma — Storytelling powered by artificial intelligence


How it works:

The user either records their own voice or uploads a previously recorded audio or video file.

The AI algorithms evaluate the speech patterns and provide feedback on aspects including tone, tempo, and word selection.

The user can then evaluate the feedback and modify their communication style accordingly.

As the user continues to utilise the tool, they can monitor their progress and observe their gradual improvement.


Akademy in Charisma ai Behind The Scenes - YouTube


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