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Auto Draw

Auto Draw is a tool powered by AI that enables users to create drawings and sketches using machine learning algorithms quickly and effortlessly. The tool is intended for individuals and professionals who want to produce high-quality artwork without spending hours honing their drawing abilities.


Key Feature:

  1. AI-generated drawings and sketches
  2. Customizable templates
  3. Diverse styles and subject matter
  4. Functional interface
  5. Compatible with both mobile and web platforms


Control Alt Achieve: Using Google AutoDraw for Sketchnotes, Infographics,  Drawings, and More

The Procedure:

Users begin by sketching an outline of the image they wish to create. The tool then uses machine learning algorithms to generate a more refined and detailed image based on the user's sketch. The user can then refine and customise the image as they see fit. It is simple for anyone to create artwork that appears professional because the entire procedure is quick and straightforward.

Sketching with Google AutoDraw - YouTube


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