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Genius Sheets

Genius Sheets is a spreadsheet tool powered by artificial intelligence that automates data entry, analysis, and visualization. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to comprehend and interpret data, making it simple for users to manage large amounts of data.


Key Features:

  1. Entry and analysis of data automatically
  2. Data interpretation using NLP and ML
  3. Advanced display capabilities
  4. Integration with additional tools and systems
  5. Simple sharing and cooperation
  6. Options for enhancing data security and privacy


GeniusSheets - Google Workspace Marketplace


how it works

Genius Sheets employs NLP and ML algorithms to comprehend the structure and significance of data entered into a spreadsheet. This enables it to automatically categorise and organise data, as well as perform calculations and analysis. The application also enables users to create their visualisation options, making it simple to identify patterns and trends in the data. In addition, Genius Sheets can be integrated with other tools and platforms to facilitate collaboration and sharing, as well as offer advanced security and data privacy options to safeguard sensitive information.

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