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HTTpie is an HTTP client for the command line that facilitates HTTP queries from the command line. It is intended to be a more intuitive alternative to command-line utilities such as cURL.


  1. The syntax of HTTpie is supposed to be simple and intuitive, making it one of its primary advantages. Users can make requests by entering the URL followed by the selected method (e.g. GET, POST, etc.). Additionally, HTTpie provides a large number of options and parameters, making it simple to tailor requests and manage various sorts of data.


  1. Additionally, HTTpie's support for JSON and other data formats is an essential feature. Users can easily include JSON data in their queries, and HTTpie will format and transmit the data appropriately. This makes working with APIs and other web services that utilise JSON or other data formats simple.

What's new in HTTPie for Terminal 3.0 – HTTPie blog

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Overall, HTTpie is a robust and user-friendly command line programme that makes HTTP requests from the command line simple. Whether you're working with APIs, web services, or other web-based data types, HTTpie is a valuable addition to your toolkit. Therefore, it functions by offering a simple and intuitive command line interface for performing HTTP requests, with support for a broad variety of options and arguments, as well as JSON and other data types.

HTTPie 3.2.1 (latest) docs


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