Hamburger menu icon is an AI-powered recruiting and hiring platform that employs machine learning algorithms to assist businesses in locating and hiring the most qualified individuals for available positions.


 features of are:

  1. The software can automatically screen resumes and identify the most eligible individuals.
  2. can produce customised interview questions depending on the qualifications of the candidate and the requirements of the open post.
  3. Automated reference checking: The platform may contact references and conduct reference checks automatically.
  4. Integration with additional systems: may be coupled with applicant tracking systems and calendar platforms to streamline the recruiting process.


ChatGPT for Teams

FREE SIGN UP identifies the most qualified candidates by evaluating resumes and candidate data. In addition, individualised interview questions and reference checks are generated using machine learning algorithms. The platform is user-friendly and may be combined with other technologies to facilitate the hiring process.

ChatGPT for Teams

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