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ExplainThis. AI is a tool for processing natural language that automates the creation of human-like explanations for any type of data. In a matter of seconds, it can generate descriptions, summaries, and insights from massive amounts of data.


Key  features

  1. Automated data analysis and explanation generation
  2. Natural language generation for human-like explanations
  3. Support for multiple data types, including text, numerical, and categorical data
  4. Customizable to fit specific use cases and industries
  5. Integrations with popular data visualization and BI tools

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How it works

AI analyses and interprets input data using sophisticated natural language production algorithms, and then generates explanations in a human-like fashion. The tool is compatible with a variety of data sources, including spreadsheets, databases, and APIs. Then, users can specify parameters and limits for the explanations, such as the desired amount of information and industry-specific language. The explanations are generated by the programme and can be updated by the user before being exported to the preferred output format, such as a report, presentation, or chatbot discussion.


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