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Autometrics is a modern observability framework that is designed to help developers gain insights into their applications. The platform is built for developers and is focused on providing them with the tools they need to identify issues and optimize performance.

Key Features:

  • Developer-first: Autometrics is designed for developers, by developers. This means that the platform is focused on providing developers with the tools they need to gain insights into their applications.
  • Real-time observability: Autometrics provides real-time insights into application performance, allowing developers to quickly identify issues and take action.
  • Open-source: Autometrics is open-source, which means that developers can customize and extend the platform to suit their specific needs.
  • Easy to use: The platform is designed to be easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for developers to get started.
  • Comprehensive metrics: Autometrics provides developers with comprehensive metrics that cover everything from resource usage to error rates.
  • Scalable: Autometrics is designed to be scalable, allowing developers to use it for applications of all sizes.

How it works:

Autometrics works by collecting data from applications and providing developers with real-time insights into performance. The platform uses a variety of different data sources, including metrics, traces, and logs, to provide developers with a comprehensive view of application performance.

Developers can use Autometrics to track a wide range of performance metrics, including resource usage, request latency, error rates, and more. They can also use the platform to set alerts and triggers, which can be used to notify them when specific thresholds are exceeded.

Overall, Autometrics is a powerful observability framework that is designed to help developers gain insights into their applications. With its real-time observability, open-source nature, comprehensive metrics, and scalability, Autometrics is a valuable tool for any developer looking to optimize application performance.


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