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Sidekick by Jigso

Sidekick by Jigso is a revolutionary business app that allows users to interact with their business apps in a ChatGPT-style. It brings a unique way of accessing and using your business apps, allowing you to streamline your work and boost your productivity. With Sidekick, you can easily manage your tasks, track your time, access your calendar, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Chat-style interface: Sidekick provides a chat-like interface that makes it easy to interact with your business apps. You can ask questions, give commands, and get answers in natural language.
  • Integration with popular apps: Sidekick integrates with a wide range of popular business apps, including Asana, Trello, Google Calendar, and more. This allows you to easily access and use your favourite tools from one place.
  • Customizable workflows: You can create custom workflows in Sidekick to automate repetitive tasks and save time. You can set up triggers and actions to perform tasks automatically, such as sending emails or creating new tasks.
  • Intelligent assistant: Sidekick comes with an intelligent assistant that can help you manage your tasks, set reminders, and keep you on track. The assistant uses AI and machine learning to understand your preferences and suggest actions based on your past behaviour.
  • Security and privacy: Sidekick is designed with security and privacy in mind. Your data is encrypted and protected by industry-standard security measures.

How it Works:

Sidekick works by connecting to your existing business apps and providing a chat-like interface for interacting with them. You can access Sidekick from your desktop or mobile device and use it to manage your tasks, track your time, and more. To get started, you simply sign up for a Sidekick account and connect your business apps. Once you've connected your apps, you can start using Sidekick to streamline your work and boost your productivity.

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