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Focusmate is a virtual coworking platform that helps people stay accountable and productive while working remotely. It provides a simple solution to combat loneliness, procrastination, and distractions that often come with remote work by connecting people with a virtual coworking partner. The platform has been designed to replicate the experience of working in a shared workspace, where people can feel more motivated and productive by working alongside others.

Key Features:

  • Virtual coworking: Users can join virtual coworking sessions with a partner or a group of people to work on their tasks in a distraction-free environment.
  • Accountability partner: Users are paired with a partner who acts as an accountability buddy and helps them stay focused and productive.
  • Scheduled sessions: Users can schedule virtual coworking sessions with their partner or a group of people at a specific time and date.
  • Global Community: Focusmate has a global community of users who can connect and network.
  • Easy to use: The platform is easy to use and requires no software installation or complicated setup.

How it works:

To get started with Focusmate, users must create an account on the platform and schedule a virtual coworking session with a partner or join a group session. During the session, users connect with their partners via video chat and work on their tasks together for 50 minutes. The platform provides a distraction-free environment by muting audio and disabling video during the session. After the session ends, users can reflect on their progress and rate the session to help improve the experience for future users. Users can also join Focusmate's global community and connect with other users who share similar interests or goals.

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