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Navy UI Kit

Navy UI Kit is a multipage theme that comes with a beautiful, modern, and sleek design. It is built using Astro, Tailwind CSS, and MDX, making it a powerful and flexible option for creating your website. With Navy UI Kit, you can easily create a website that looks professional and user-friendly. The theme is perfect for businesses, portfolios, and personal websites.

Key Features:

  • Responsive design: The theme is fully responsive, which means it looks great on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Dark Mode: The dark mode feature is perfect for those who prefer a darker colour scheme or want to reduce eye strain when browsing at night.
  • Modular design: Navy UI Kit is built using MDX, which means it has a modular design. This allows you to easily add or remove pages and components, depending on your needs.
  • Easy customization: With Tailwind CSS, you can easily customize the theme's colours, fonts, and other design elements to fit your brand.
  • SEO friendly: The theme is built with SEO in mind, so your website will be easy to find on search engines.

How it works:

To use Navy UI Kit, you need to have some knowledge of web development. You can start by downloading the theme and installing it on your local machine. Then, you can use the built-in components and pages to create your website. You can also customize the theme's design by editing the CSS files or using Tailwind CSS to make changes to the design. Once you're done, you can deploy your website to your hosting provider or use a platform like Netlify to host your website for free.

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