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Stomio is a beta management platform designed specifically for B2B product teams. The tool streamlines the process of managing beta testing programs, making it easier for businesses to gather feedback from early adopters and improve their products before launching them to a wider audience.

The key features of Stomio include its customizable testing workflows, feedback management tools, and real-time analytics. The tool allows product teams to create custom workflows for their beta testing programs, including the ability to set up different phases, invite participants, and track progress.

The feedback management tools allow product teams to gather feedback from beta testers, organize it, and prioritize it based on its impact on the product. The real-time analytics feature provides insights into how testers are interacting with the product, allowing teams to identify issues and make improvements quickly.

Stomio works by providing a centralized platform for managing beta testing programs. Product teams can create custom workflows, invite testers, and track progress through the platform. The tool also includes options for managing feedback, such as assigning tasks, tagging issues, and prioritizing improvements.

The real-time analytics feature provides valuable insights into how testers are using the product, including data on usage patterns, performance metrics, and engagement levels. This data can be used to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about the product's development.

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