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Tulkee is a community-driven platform that allows users to ask questions and create communities based on the answers they receive. The platform makes it easy to find like-minded individuals, create engaging discussions, and grow your knowledge base.

Key Features:

  1. Ask questions: Tulkee provides a simple and intuitive interface for asking questions. Users can submit their queries, and other community members can provide answers and insights.
  2. Create communities: Users can create their communities based on the topics they are interested in. This allows for targeted discussions and a more personalized experience.
  3. Follow topics: Users can follow specific topics and receive notifications when new questions or answers are posted. This helps to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and discussions.
  4. Search and discover: Tulkee's powerful search engine makes it easy to find questions and answers on any topic. Users can also browse through popular categories and discover new communities to join.
  5. Collaboration: Tulkee encourages collaboration by allowing users to edit and improve answers provided by others. This leads to more accurate and comprehensive answers and helps to build a sense of community.

How it works:

Tulkee is a web-based platform that requires users to create an account before they can start asking questions and joining communities. Once registered, users can start posting questions and answers, following topics, and joining communities. Tulkee also provides tools for community owners to manage their members, moderate discussions, and customize their community settings. Overall, Tulkee is a great platform for anyone looking to learn new things, connect with like-minded individuals, and build a strong knowledge base.

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