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Polymath Robotics

Polymath Robotics is a technology company that specializes in providing autonomous solutions for industrial vehicles. The company was founded in 2015 by a group of engineers and robotics experts who wanted to create a platform that would simplify the process of adding autonomy to industrial vehicles.

Polymath Robotics: General Autonomy for Industrial Vehicles | Y Combinator

Magically Simplified Autonomy:

One of the key features of Polymath Robotics is its magically simplified autonomy technology. This technology is designed to make it easy for industrial vehicle operators to add autonomous capabilities to their vehicles without needing to have extensive technical knowledge or expertise.

Polymath Robotics achieves this by providing a plug-and-play solution that includes hardware, software, and cloud-based infrastructure. The hardware includes sensors, cameras, and a computer that is installed on the industrial vehicle. The software includes Polymath Robotics' proprietary algorithms and machine learning models, which enable the vehicle to navigate autonomously.

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How it Works:

The process of adding autonomy to an industrial vehicle using Polymath Robotics is straightforward. The first step is to install the hardware on the vehicle, which can typically be done in a few hours. Once the hardware is installed, the vehicle is connected to Polymath Robotics' cloud-based infrastructure, which enables the vehicle to communicate with the software and receive real-time updates.

The next step is to train the machine learning models using Polymath Robotics' intuitive web-based interface. This interface allows the vehicle operator to specify the tasks that the vehicle needs to perform, such as moving materials from one location to another or loading and unloading cargo.

Once the machine learning models have been trained, the vehicle can operate autonomously. The operator can monitor the vehicle's progress using Polymath Robotics' web-based interface and make adjustments as needed.


Overall, Polymath Robotics provides an innovative solution for adding autonomy to industrial vehicles. Its magically simplified autonomy technology makes it easy for vehicle operators to add autonomous capabilities to their vehicles, and its intuitive web-based interface allows operators to customize the vehicle's behaviour to meet their specific needs.


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