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Jamie is an AI-powered assistant for meeting summaries that helps individuals and teams save time and stay productive by automating the note-taking process. Jamie was founded in 2021 by a team of AI and software experts who wanted to create a solution to help people stay organized and productive in their daily work lives.

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  • Key Features:
  1. Automated note-taking: Jamie uses advanced AI algorithms to automatically capture and summarize important points discussed during a meeting. This saves time and helps ensure that nothing important is missed.
  2. Customizable summaries: Users can customize the level of detail in their summaries to fit their needs. Whether they want a brief overview or a more detailed report, Jamie can provide it.
  3. Seamless integration: Jamie integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Google Meet, making it easy to use with existing workflows.
  4. Searchable archives: All meeting summaries are saved and can be easily searched and retrieved for future reference.

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  • How it works:

Using Jamie is easy. First, users connect their Jamie account to their preferred video conferencing platform. During the meeting, Jamie automatically captures and summarizes important points discussed. After the meeting, users can review and customize the summary as needed, and then save it for future reference. With its advanced AI algorithms, Jamie can even pick up on non-verbal cues like facial expressions and gestures to provide more context and accuracy in its summaries.

jamie - AI Assistant for Meeting Summaries

In summary, Jamie is an AI-powered assistant that helps individuals and teams save time and stay productive by automating the note-taking process during meetings. With its advanced features and seamless integration with popular video conferencing platforms, Jamie is an ideal solution for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and stay organized.


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