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Applai. me is a platform that helps job seekers prepare for job interviews and optimize their CVs. It provides personalized recommendations and feedback to help users improve their chances of getting hired.

Key Features:

  • Job interview preparation: offers tools and resources to help users prepare for job interviews, including common interview questions and tips for answering them.
  • CV optimization: The platform analyzes users' CVs and provides feedback on how to improve them, including suggestions for formatting, language, and content.
  • Personalized recommendations: uses artificial intelligence to provide customised recommendations and feedback to users based on their job search history and preferences.
  • Job search support: The platform also offers job search support, including job listings and alerts for relevant job opportunities.

How it Works:

Users start by creating a profile on and uploading their CVs. The platform then analyzes the CV and provides feedback on how to improve it. Users can also use the job interview preparation tools to practice answering common interview questions and get feedback on their answers. The personalized recommendations are based on the user's job search history and preferences and can include suggestions for job opportunities to apply for or skills to develop. is a useful tool for anyone looking for a job or wanting to improve their chances of getting hired.

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