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Vid2Txt is a software that can generate text, SRT, and VTT files from video and audio files.


Here are some key features of Vid2Txt:

  1. Transcription: Vid2Txt can transcribe audio and video files into text format, making it easy to create captions, subtitles, or transcripts for your videos.
  2. Time-stamping: Vid2Txt can also time-stamp the text files it creates, making it easy to sync captions or subtitles with your video.
  3. Multiple output formats: Vid2Txt can generate text files in multiple formats, including SRT and VTT, which are widely used in video platforms and players.
  4. High accuracy: Vid2Txt uses advanced algorithms and machine learning models to transcribe audio and video files with high accuracy.

Vid2txt - the easiest video (and audio) transcription app

Here's how Vid2Txt works:

  1. Import files: Users can import audio or video files into Vid2Txt's interface.
  2. Start transcription: Once the file is imported, Vid2Txt will start transcribing the audio or video into text format.
  3. Review and edit: After the transcription is complete, users can review and edit the text file if needed.
  4. Generate output: Users can then generate the desired output format (text, SRT, VTT) from the transcribed text file.

Overall, Vid2Txt is a useful tool for anyone looking to create captions, subtitles, or transcripts for their videos. Its transcription, time-stamping, and multiple output format features make it easy to create high-quality text files from audio or video files.


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